Frequently Answered Questions

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How it works

What do the bar colors mean?

The temperature colors correspond to the current temperature at your location—blue is cold, yellow is warm, orange is hot, and so on. Precipitation bars show either rain (turquoise) or snow (white/gray).

How can I see more detailed info for Wind, Feels Like, etc?

First you’ll need to upgrade your Hello Weather to the Pro version. Then go to the Settings tab in Hello Weather, select Forecast Data, and tap the "Bonus Info" section.

Does this app have UV and moon phase data?

Yes! But we only show UV during the day, since it’s always 0 at night. You’ll see the moon phase at night instead.

Feature Requests

Will you add push notifications and/or precipitation alerts?

We’re hoping to, someday! It’s a big undertaking, but we think we’ll do it eventually.

Will you offer any other non-English translations?

Probably not. We do a lot of text manipulation for our forecast data, and it’s not really feasible for us to do translations right now.

Apple Watch

I can’t seem to install the Apple Watch app on my watch. What’s up?

First, make sure you’re on Watch OS 5 or above. Then try restarting your watch and phone, and open the Watch app on the iPhone to retry the installation.

Can the watch update my current location automatically?

Yep! But you’ll need to give Hello Weather permission to always detect your location—even when you’re not using the app. (Don’t worry, we don’t do anything with your location data other than send you a forecast and discard it immediately.)

Sometimes my location or complication info isn't accurate, how should I fix it?

Usually you can just open the Hello Weather watch app to automatically refresh everything. If that doesn’t work, press down on the app until a Refresh button appears. Tap that and everything should sync up!

Hmm, that still didn’t sync.

Try opening the Hello Weather apps on both your watch and phone, then go to the Settings tab in the phone app, and select Apple Watch > Synchronize.

Argh, that still didn’t sync!

Time for the nuclear option. Delete the Apple Watch app, and then delete the iOS app. Restart both devices. Reinstall the iOS app from the App Store and try synchronizing once more.

How do I change locations or forecast sources on the watch?

The watch app will use whatever location and data source you’re using on your phone. So if you’re set to Chicago with AccuWeather on your phone, that’s what you’ll see on your watch.

Are you planning to add more watch features?

Indeed! We're likely to add customization options, more complication styles, and locations/source switching in a future update.

Upgrading and Billing

I don’t like subscriptions. Do you have a one-time purchase option?

Sorry, we don’t! Running a weather app is expensive — we have to pay ongoing costs to our many service providers, and it gets more costly when more people use the app. Subscriptions are the only way we can stay in business long-term.

OK, but I still don’t like subscriptions.

You can either use the app for free, or subscribe and then immediately cancel. That way you’ll pay for one year and the subscription won't auto-renew.

If I pay to upgrade Hello Weather on my iPhone, can I use the paid version on my iPad too?

Indeed! As long as you use the same Apple ID on both devices, just tap the Restore Previous Purchases button on your iPad and you’ll be all set.

I have an Android and an iOS device. Can I use the same upgraded subscription on both?

Unfortunately no. The Google Play Store and Apple App Store are completely separate systems. You’d need to purchase the app on both platforms.

Can I share my Hello Weather subscription with other people in my family?

Not right now. This is a limitation of Apple’s Family Sharing. We’re hoping they add this option in the future.


How do I cancel my subscription?

In Hello Weather, go to Settings and tap on the Manage Subscription option. Then tap the Change your subscription button. You’ll be able to cancel from there. You can also visit this Apple support page to manage your subscriptions.

Can I get a refund?

Yes you can. Refunds are managed through the App Store. Here’s a page that shows how.