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Hello Weather

The world’s best no-nonsense weather app for iPhone and iPad.

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Frequently Asked Question:
Another weather app!? Why would you even

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A message from the two weirdos who made Hello Weather…

Yes, we made yet another weather app. Here’s why.

In 2014, we were lamenting the state of weather apps.

As the weather app became graphic designers’ playground de jour, the world was overrun with dozens of lovely—but somewhat useless—apps. They were full of hot looks and fancy interfaces, but failed at actually showing the weather!

At the other end of the spectrum were apps for meteorology geeks. These were a total visual assault. “Let’s jam every possible icon and data point in this thing!” 💥😮

In short, they all sucked.

We wanted something obvious: an app that helped you make decisions, without complicated interfaces, needless icons, or gimmicks. Just show us the weather!

So we spent over a year refining Hello Weather, and field testing it in the brutally harsh climate of Chicago, Illinois. We made sure it’s great for hot, cold, rain, wind, and snow. (Which were incidentally all during the same week. It’s Chicago.)

We learned that the app needed to answer questions like…

  • Is it OK if I bike to work today?
  • Should I wear pants or shorts?
  • What time should I commute home to beat the rain?
  • Which day is the best to go on a hike?

And that’s what it does, all in one screen. You can just look at it. You don’t have to tap on anything…though you can if you really insist.

Enough talk, just go get it already! Did we mention it’s free? Here’s one of those gigantic stinking buttons again, in case you missed the first one:

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Stay cool, stay warm —
Jonas and Trevor