Hey Hi Hello!

We’re Jonas Jonas Downey, Trevor Trevor Turk, and Dan Dan Kim, the three blokes behind Hello Weather. Here’s the tale of how it came to be, and our weird philosophy for building it.

The Hello Weather origin story…

In 2014, we were lamenting the state of weather apps. Most were either too simple to be useful, or heinously overcomplicated.

We believed we could do better by making something obvious: an app that showed only the most important info in one straightforward page, without any silly gimmicks.

So we spent over a year building and refining Hello Weather, and field-testing it in the frequently harsh Chicago climate. We made sure it’s great for hot, cold, rain, wind, and snow.

Eventually it proved so indispensible, we were certain it was worth sharing with the rest of Planet Earth. We launched it for iOS in 2016, added an Android version in 2017, and we’ve been gradually improving it ever since.

Working for the fun and love of it.

We’re not your typical software shop — we’re just friends who have real day jobs. We make Hello Weather in our occasional spare time because we we have a lot of fun working on it together.

Since this is a passion project and not a HARDCORE CAPITALIST ENDEAVOR, we can move as quickly or as slowly as we want. So we take our time to do it right.

We think through every little detail to keep Hello Weather fast, focused, and friendly.

Want to stay in touch with our shenanigans?

Follow @helloweatherapp on Twitter, or subscribe to our lil' blog on Medium. We don’t tweet or post all that often, but we’ll shout occasionally if something interesting happens.

A bit about privacy and data collection.

We’re not in the data collection biz, so we don’t want to know anything about you unless you email us yourself! To that end, we collect and retain the absolute least information necessary to send you a weather forecast and debug any occasional problems that might arise:

  • We don't track individual users in any way.
  • Our server logs weather forecast requests, but these aren't associated with a specific person or device. (In other words, we don't know who sent the request — only that a request occurred.)
  • With each request, we also log which versions of the app and OS were used to make the request, so we can make sure you're getting the correct stuff for your version.
  • All logs are deleted from the server after 1-2 days.
  • We have not, and will not ever sell any data to advertisers or 3rd party companies. We think that’s gross, and we want nothing to do with it.