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Hello Weather

The exceptionally useful no-nonsense weather app for iOS and Android.

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The perfect balance.

Some weather apps are needlessly overcomplicated, and others are much too simple. Hello Weather is just right: exactly the info you need, and nothing you don’t — all in one single screen.

Fast as lightning.

Nobody wants to wait for the weather. That’s why Hello Weather is fast to load, and even faster to read. Our simple, information-dense design helps you quickly spot the current conditions and forecast at a glance.

Just-in-time reporting.

Hello Weather intelligently adapts itself to changing conditions. If it's windy, foggy, rainy, or apocalyptic outside, you’ll see all the relevant information right upfront. After the storm, it’s all tucked neatly away again.

Sophisticated stats for humans.

Extra details like wind speed, dewpoint, and barometric pressure are all just one tap away. But you won’t need a degree in Meteorology to understand what’s going on, because we’ve translated those esoteric numbers into friendly English.

A cool chameleon.

The weather changes every day, and Hello Weather changes right along with it. We've got three gorgeous color themes for cold, warm, and hot days — plus a special night mode to keep it mellow.

Free unless you dig it.

We believe Hello Weather’s the best, and we want you to think so too! Use it for free as long as you want. If you find it useful, then you can pay a few bucks and get a bunch of bonus features to boot.

Battle tested, tried and true, and well-loved.

We made Hello Weather for the unpredictably wild weather in Chicago. People tell us it’s great everywhere else on Earth, too.


An easy, straightforward weather app that shows you just what you need to know.
— AppAdvice

Hello Weather strips it down to the essence.
— Macworld

Very smart, with a clean layout and readable graphs. It eschews complexity without limiting information. — TechRadar

I've tried so many weather apps, and this is by far the best. It is a zen-like experience.
— App Store Review

Made with by good friends.

Jonas Trevor Dan

We’re three pals who make Hello Weather in our free time because we have a blast working on it together. Here’s more about our philosophy.

It’s free! Go grab it!

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Thanks for checking out our sweet little app. Take a tour if you’d like to see how it works in more detail, or hit those big giant download buttons and try it for yourself.