Let’s take a quick tour.

We’ve got all the info you need in one single screen—from the current conditions to the outlook for the week. Here’s a closer look.

Hello Weather has three main sections…

Up top, Right now always shows the current temperature and a description of the weather for the hour. If there’s anything unusual happening (wind, fog, sunsets, extreme temperatures) those extra details will appear here too.

In the middle is The next few hours. This is a snapshot of the temperatures and chance of precipitation for the next 8 hours.

At the bottom, This week shows the forecast for the next 7 days. If there’s a chance of rain, you’ll see turquoise bars. If it’s snowing instead, they’ll be white.

Need more details? Just tap.

Tap Right now and a new panel will slide in with all the current conditions: wind speed, visibility, humidity, dewpoint, barometric pressure, sunrise/sunset, and UV index or moon phase.

If you tap The next few hours, you’ll get a look at 8 more hours. Helpful for looking ahead to your evening commute!

In This week, tap for a bit more detail about each day.

Set your location to anywhere on Earth.

Hello Weather automatically detects your location, but if you'd like to choose a specific one instead, tap the location icon. Then hit the + button to add your location by name.

Once you have a few locations in the list, you can press and hold to reorder them, or swipe left to delete them.

Watch for automatic color changes.

Hello Weather changes colors to match the current conditions. You’ll see special color themes for cold, warm, and hot temperatures, so the app looks like how it feels…

…and it turns dark after sunset to keep things on the mellow.

Customize your display in the Settings screen.

Tap the settings icon to adjust units of measurement or clock time. If you’re a Fan Club member, you’ll also get some exclusive options like our secret experimental mode.

One last thing: turn on the Today widget! (iOS only)

Hop over to the Today tab in your lock screen to enable the Hello Weather widget. It’s super fast for a quick weather check.

To turn it on, hit the Edit button and then tap the + button next to the Hello Weather option.